What is it that makes us special?

"Why should I pay five dollars for a bath fizzy when I can go to (fill in the blank) and get a bunch for three dollars?"  Yes, I admit, I have been asked this question many times.  There are a lot of bath companies out there who create great products, and who make bath fizzies.  An internet search brings up hundreds of them.  Just a warning, not all are created equal.  You could go to the Dollar Store, or other places and get bath fizzies that are very cheap and smell nice, and have a good bath.  Unfortunately though, you get what you pay for.  What sets us apart from the rest of the pack?  So many great things!

Let's start with this:  Imagine going into a gourmet cupcake shop.  The person behind the counter is smiling and proud of their work, happy to answer any questions or direct you to what you need.  Everything is lovingly crafted and perfectly pretty with colors that pop off the shelves, and even have little toppings that are so unique or cute you want to buy that cupcake just because of that!  The smells make your mouth water, and you can't wait to taste it.  When you do, you sigh and close your eyes, realizing it is a little slice of heaven.  The texture is soft and the frosting isn't too sweet, and WOW, who would have thought of that flavor in a cupcake?  Just what you needed to make you happy.

Now, imagine going to the supermarket bakery.  You walk up to a table filled with plastic tubs of cupcakes.  No one is around to help you pick them out, but really you don't need help because they are all the same.  You look at the cupcakes--some have generic sprinkles and colors, and that's great.  You pick a plastic tub of cupcakes and take them home to eat.  It tastes good, satisfies a craving, but they all taste the same.  No variety, or if there is, it's very basic.  You end up thinking to yourself, "Maybe I should have gone to that other cupcake shop...".

Well, that analogy fits our products as well.  Where other cheaply machine made bath fizzies may be OK, we believe that if you are taking the extra moment to soak in a warm bath and relax, that moment should be BLISSFUL!  Many other products out there use one basic recipe for their fizzies.  No variation, in fact, some don't even use oils!  Why is that important?  Hot water strips your skin of protective oils.  When that happens, you feel dry and itchy.  Compound that with all the unnecessary fillers, and you have a recipe for dehydrated skin, and possibly even rashes if your skin is sensitive.  They have used the cheapest ingredients, molded it, possibly change the color and scent with each one, but at the core they are all the same.

Bizzy Fizz Bath Treats is the gourmet bath treat shop.  Every bath treat we make has been structured to be nourishing to your skin and your MOMENT.  We have eleven different oils that we can use in different combinations, and we choose oils for each bath treat specific to their health properties and what result we would like to achieve for the customer.  We have herbal powders, oatmeal, different types of powdered milks, from coconut and soy to whole milk, to really make a difference in the skin rather than just getting a soak in water with no benefit.  We have combined fun items for kids like toys and confetti, and flower petals for adults.  It is guaranteed that with a Bizzy Fizz bath you end up feeling refreshed and hydrated, soft and lightly scented, ready to take on the world. 

That is what sets us apart.  That is why we are the BEST at what we do.  And that is why we always say, there IS a difference.

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Newspaper interview

A reporter came over today from the Macomb Patch newspaper. She talked to us about the company's beginnings.
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Baby Fizz to be released by March!

In celebration of the arrival of my best friend's little bundle of joy who is making a grand entrance in March, we will be introducing our exclusive baby line...

I can't even tell you how seriously FABULOUS these products are for baby.  I know, I know, you think I'm biased.  As a mom of three boys, I can tell you there is nothing like finding that lovely concoction that makes diaper rash non-existent, or makes your baby feel beyond baby-butt-soft.  This is it folks!!  The lotion is paraben free, and so wonderful, and have an abundance of organic ingredients.  Our balm is full of amazing healing ingredients to keep baby's skin healthy.  We have a bubble bath, a spray, gift sets...I'm so excited to show all of you!!!!
I wish I was there for you Rachel!!  I love you all and can't wait to see that little nugget!!

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Working in the Bizzy Fizz lab...

Our lab is a dedicated production area which is only in use for our company.  You can be sure everything we hand create is made with care and the upmost concern for safety, and cleanliness.  We disinfect and sterilize our tools, and even use UV light to further disinfect our working areas.  We love our products, and use them daily, and we are sure you will love them too!  Knowing all this, you can be sure that you get quality when you purchase a Bizzy Fizz product.
We have been quite busy lately creating all sorts of amazing products for you!  Most recently has been our Phat Lip balms which are truly wonderful.  If you have dry, chapped lips, these will work wonders for you! 

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