Um...did you hear that?

Last night was a real...uh...BLAST!  I swear it feels like a madhouse around here.  The next explosion you hear just may be my head flying off!  I am working on some new things, but it just isn't coming together right.  Take last night for instance...

I was working on creating a new recipe for a special bath foam. After weighing, mixing, and making three test batches, I put my special mixture in plastic 2oz jars, and did the usual marking and dating of the containers. I then put them aside to check in a week. I cleaned up, put everything away, and closed up the lab so I could sit down with some peanut M&Ms and watch some American Idol.

Suddenly, as Phillip Phillips is crooning away and I am drowning in my peanutty chocolaty goodness, I heard a gunshot! I think I probably said, HOLY CRAP!/ WTH! /some choice words as my shocked brain tried to figure out what was happening. Then another gunshot.  I couldn't figure it out!  Are the angry Idol fans rebelling in the streets?  Are the radioactive hamsters from a planet near Mars finally attacking?  (Sorry, Weird Al reference there...)  Then it dawned on my rattled brain.


I ran for it. I had pictures in my head of a scene from the Brady Bunch where their washer exploded foam all over their house. Ok, so I'm dramatic. I realize 6 oz of a test batch wouldn't do that...but still. Anyway, as I entered the lab...BAM! The last one popped it's top. Yep. That's what that sound was. The tops popping off the jars and hitting the ceiling.

So, my test batches blew their tops, kinda like me. Art imitates life in my house apparently. Luckily there was no mess, and ultimately it really wasn't a huge deal. But it's back to the drawing board on these suckers. Just sayin'--THIS is the reason we test every product for a long period of time before we put it on the market!!

I hope everyone else was able to enjoy the finale of American Idol in peace!!

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