Pretty treats for our favorite Bachelorette!

First of all, I am a big Bachelorette watcher.  When I saw Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter meet each other, I thought my TV was going to go up in flames.  Seriously.  As soon as those two saw each other, I had him pegged as being the last man standing.  And I was right.

If anyone didn't see the final episode where Ryan proposed, you have to look it up.  In fact, no.  I'll just put it here:

Gah!  Tears.  I will admit, I get teary every time I see that.  NO, I'M NOT A STALKER!  I don't watch it every day.  I have seen it maybe three four times.  Ok, five.  It's beautiful and it reminds me of my own wonderful proposal from my dearest, which was absolute magic in it's own right.  But that's another story...

Anyhoo, the reason we are so excited is because we were chosen by The Artisan Group to create an exclusive set of bath treats for none other than TRISTA REHN SUTTER!

The absolute FIRST thing that came to mind is to make a version of The Happy Couple.  But it had to be kicked up a notch.  So I tried something new and different, and made an exclusive scent mix just for them, which is romantic and multifaceted.  Of course, I had to use pink!  It's Trista's favorite!  Then, I created salt pearls to place around the neckline of the bride, and then hand picked a jasmine boutonni√®re for the groom.  These babies took some work, and I made three different versions, but they turned out MAGNIFICENTLY!!  After they were finished, I personalized them even more by using quotes from the episode above.

I truly hope they love them!  They were a joy to make and pushed me to create some new techniques.  They are as beautiful as the wonderful couple receiving them, and I am very proud to have been part of this opportunity!

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  1. a great post.. I love your bath fizzes.. so well made and adorable