Turning the big "14"!

It's finally here!  On this day 14 years ago, I gave birth to my first baby.  I can't believe it's been 14 years!  Of course, he's been acting like a teenager since he was 2, but now...well.  You parents out there know how it is.
I'm two, mama!
From the moment this little guy hit the air he has amazed me.  He's at the TOP of his class in school, he's incredibly smart (must get that from his Mom *cough*), he can sing, play guitar, bass, drums, and created a company with me when he was six.  I am in awe of this child.  I always have been.

So, now comes high school.  Yikes.  I'm too young to have a child in high school.  I told him this and suggested we just keep him in middle school.  This is the look I got.
Yes, I know this look well.  It's the "whatchutalkin'bout" look.  Or could be the famous, "Mom you might think you're funny, but you're NOT" look--sometimes I can't tell them apart.  But I get them a lot.  Such is the life of a parent of a teenager...or so I'm told.  I'm still getting used to the fact that he's almost as tall as I am, and that he's losing that innocence he had as a child.  He's a young man now!  Honestly?  When did this happen?  I feel like I blinked and my baby wasn't a baby anymore.  THIS IS CRAZY!!!  I need the Time Turner that Hermione had in Prisoner of Azkaban.  Just to go back and snuggle that little bug-a-boo, sniff his baby head, kiss his chubby little hands.  I miss it SO MUCH.  If I tried to kiss his hands now I think I would get that horrified "OMGwhatareyoudoingyoucrazywomanyou'regoingtogivemecooties" look.  Well, I think we are past the cooties stage, so I might be exaggerating just a tad at the end there, but the rest is absolutely the look I would get.  At least I still get hugs in front of his friends!  And he even gave me a kiss on the cheek before he boarded the bus for his trip to DC, so maybe I could just sneak a cuddle in here and there...

I will admit that even though working with a teenager is a difficult task sometimes, it has made us extremely close.  We laugh so hard sometimes we have tears running down our cheeks, our stomachs hurt, and we can't speak.  Then there are the times we work out a concept together and hug and both feel such a sense of accomplishment.  It's times like this that I cherish.  Seeing that smile on his face at a show, or when he's proudly telling someone about his company just about makes my heart burst.  This is all HIS baby, and he's as proud of it as I am of him.

So Happy Birthday my sweet Skylar.  I'm honored to be your mom, and you still amaze me everyday.  You are growing into such a wonderful young man.  The world is truly lucky to have you.  I love you Little Bug!!!

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