Job titles? I have SO many...

It's funny.  I went to the doctor's office the other day and, as usual, I was filling out a form.  I came upon the "Job Title" line.  This always makes me pause.  As a homeschooling WAHM, I have about 20 job titles I could list and that doesn't even include my actual title as a businesswoman.  I never really think about all the things I do during my week.  Mostly, because I'm too busy to actually STOP and think.  I think almost all stay-at-home and work-at-home moms know what I mean.  It makes me crazy when people assume that just because I don't drive to a separate office for work every day, I am sitting on my butt eating bon-bons or something.  I wish.

So, what is my job description?  I could write that I'm CEO of Bizzy Fizz Bath Treats and leave it at that.  I do, sometimes.  There have been times though that I admit I have been a little...irritated...and I've written, "Jack-Of-All-Trades", "You Name It, I Do It", or "Rule The World".  I admit, I'm a little snarky sometimes.  Someone actually suggested I write "Homemaker" once.  I almost took off my heel and beat them with it.  HOMEMAKER?  I don't think so, princess.  That doesn't even cover a quarter of what I do, and besides that, are we living in 1950?  Seriously, if I got a paycheck for everything I do, I would be the richest woman on the planet. 

I actually don't think I've EVER actually looked at every job I have and listed it out.  I think it's too overwhelming.  I had surgery recently and I was in bed for a week.  My husband had to take over everything.  I don't think I've ever seen the guy so tired, frustrated, and ready to bolt, in my entire life.  I have to admit it was NICE.  He would start to vent about the day and I would just smile and say, "Yep".  He was finally...FINALLY...getting a little taste of it.  I think that he understands a tiny bit better why sometimes I get that crazed over look in my eyes when he walks in the door and I run screaming, keys in hand, ready to go out and...get groceries.  BY MYSELF.  Yes, folks.  That is the highlight of my week.  Grabbing a grocery cart and slowly walking down the isles and smiling as I see other moms and dads with kids in tow, arguing and bickering, and yet...here I am without a care because mine are arguing and bickering out of earshot and I am not there!!!  Is that insane?  Probably. 

When my little one goes to bed (at 8PM...*sigh*...I'm so jealous) he will often ask if I can snuggle with him.  I want to SO badly.  Sometimes I do.  But if I snuggle at all, I know I will never tick the other 35 things that need to be done before I go to bed off the list.  After dinner, I normally disappear into the lab until midnight or so.  Then I have to clean up.  I get to bed normally around 1:00AM.  Due to the fact I am a completely type A personality, I cannot sleep right away because I am thinking of all the things I need to do the next day.  So I grab my Kindle and read.  I make myself turn it off around 2:00AM and try to get some sleep.  Then 6:30AM comes all too soon, and we start the cycle all over again.  I spend every day working on about 4 hours of sleep.  That's just the way it is.

So, when it comes to that little "Job Title" line, it's not so easy for me.  I could put down so many things.  Maybe I'll just stick with my current title:

Rockstar Mom of the Year.

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