Head to the Wipeout Zone!

Bouncing balls, pools of water, sprays of chocolate sauce and spaghetti, leaping over foam poles...this could be a typical day in my house raising three boys. Believe me, after a day of chasing these guys around and performing my own acrobatics to get them to do their jobs, play nicely, and keep them entertained during this hot summer, I feel like I've been through the wringer. But alas, it is my dearest Cameron's favorite TV show, WIPEOUT!! We have the DVR set to record every episode so that Cam can reenact the entire show in our home. Now that the weather is reaching 100 degrees, we can even add in some water obstacles. It's so funny to hear them give the John and John play by play during their adventures. Cameron even decided he was going to add Wipeout to his repertoire with his Physical Therapist and had to help them create a cool "Wipeout Zone" so he could tumble through his therapy!When the opportunity arose to be one of 30 artisans gifting the lovely Vanessa Lachey for her baby boy who is due to arrive in the fall, we were ecstatic! The boys just love her on the show, and I think at least two of them have a little crush as well! (SHHHH...I did NOT just say that....)After debating about it for a while, Skylar decided we should send a Sweet Pea Mom & Baby Herbal Bath. I thought that was perfect, and decided to add a Be Calm Temple Rub as well for those moments when being a new mommy gets overwhelming. Lord knows I have been there. I needed a gallon of the stuff after each of my children were born. I do wish Vanessa and Nick Lachey the best of luck with the rest of the pregnancy! I am positive they will be fabulous parents!

PS.We got word that Trista loved our Happy Couple gift set we sent her!

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