Bizzy Fizz Makes A Splash With Some Celebrities At The Golden Globes!

These last few months have been a whirlwind!  Between family commitments, new business ventures, and new jobs, it has been a true test of my sanity.  Now that the holidays are over and everyone is happy and healthy, we can finally enjoy the upcoming event which took so much of our time.

I think we are ready to scream it from the rooftops:

Bizzy Fizz Bath Treats is gifting the celebrities at the GBK Golden Globes Gift Lounge in Hollywood, California!!

EEEEEK!!  Can you believe it?!

We were honored to be offered this opportunity, as part of The Artisan Group, back in August.  Since then, we have been designing, redesigning, screaming, perfecting, throwing things, testing, and creating special bath fizzies in honor of the big event.

Our first thought was that we would send all different kinds of treats from our current line of products.  Then, after some debating and a creative pow-wow, we decided to make something completely different.  Why not make each celebrity a special Golden Globe of their very own?  So we began to search and scour for anything that we could create a globe with.  We are lucky enough to have an uber-fabulous mold maker who comes to our aid now and then,  but lo and behold--we stumbled across perfection!  Initially, we were going to make one BIG globe.  But not only was that a huge time issue, they weren't just big.  They were MASSIVE.

Then, the brilliant creative mind decided it would be cool to have the "innards" of said globe do something amazing.  More pow-wowwing and pizza eating ensued, and (about 5 pounds later) we decided to make a special core which would not only smell differently than the outer shell, but it would change the color of the bath water to a cool ocean blue AND release film confetti into the water!

Holy cow.  JACKPOT!!!

Production for testing began.  After tweaking the recipes a bit, and playing with different options, we developed the holy grail of Golden Globe fizzies....

Whoomp.  There it is folks.  I'm dropping the mike and walking away.  Perfection has arrived.

It is a sweet orange-ish scent on the outside, and a sugary lemon drop on the inside.  We are patting ourselves on the back.

Along with this faux-trophy is a 1oz bottle of a special AFTERGLOW shea butter lotion in the matching orange scent.  The lotion alone is just to die for because it is so thick and rich and just turns your skin to velvet.  Honestly, these celebs are SO LUCKY!!!

I only have a few of these sets left over to share with the rest of the world.  Don't miss out!  You can get a set of your own if you click HERE right now!

We have to thank Valerie and her team at The Artisan Group.  Without their hard work and dedication, we would never have these kinds of opportunities.  They help small businesses and handcrafting artisans like us get exposure in all sorts of ways.  We are still learning and growing, trying to improve and challenge ourselves to expand our creativity in different directions, but without this group I truly believe we would have given up.  Hugs and kisses to you ALL.

We made a little video of our journey in this process.  It's been a crazy ride.  Like to see it?  Here it goes...

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