The Giving Closet, Detroit

Stylists have pretty amazing jobs.  The really great ones get to work with cool celebrities, musicians, designers...exclusive-type people that most of us will never meet.  We are lucky enough to call one of these great stylists a friend.

In April 2013, we had the honor of being featured in Fashion Affair Magazine, headed by stylist to the stars, Sam Russell.  It was such a major thing for us and we were just BEYOND excited!  Sam has worked with Stevie Wonder, Jon Hamm, Sophia Bush, and has done fashion segments on all kinds of TV shows.  So, naturally, when someone like him wants to put your product in a magazine...well, we were pumped!

Along the way, we got to know Sam a bit and discovered what a truly giving and wonderful soul he is.  In October 2013, we began talking to Sam about possibly bringing his dream to the Detroit area.  You see, after working with celebrities for so long, Sam wondered if there was a way to maybe help those who NEED the clothes, bags, shoes normally tossed at celebrities.  So, Sam started a wonderful organization called The Giving Closet, where he redirects clothing normally given to stylists to dress celebrities, and gives it to women who are struggling and just need a little help to get back on their feet.

Plans started rolling, and it was decided that Sam would be bringing the Giving Closet to Detroit on March 6th, 2014.  We started contacting media people we knew to try and get them interested in the story.  Detroit has about 10 awful news stories a day (if not more), and this is something GOOD happening in the city.  Well, I gotta tell ya...it's really tough to get people on board for a story that lifts people up.  I have no idea why, but maybe the bad stories are more coverage-worthy?  I have no idea.  We LOVE the city of Detroit.  The history, the architecture, the possibilities...I will be honest, I nearly peed my pants in excitement when the Packard Plant was finally sold to:  A--Someone who wasn't crazy, B--Someone who could pay for it, and C--Someone who has a plan to build something we can all be proud of.  Anyway, I digress…

Helping set up

Maybe talking a little fashion too...

The wonderful lady on the receiving end was Angela Williams.  Angela is a mother of four who has undergone multiple surgeries for kidney obstruction and a heart murmur.  When her mother's chronic pain became unbearable, Angela insisted on moving her into her home with her four kids so she could help take care of her.  Any money that came in always went straight to her mother and kids and Angela always put her own needs aside.

Angela was told she was going to be filming a public service announcement for Jackets for Jobs in Detroit, where she had taken some classes.  She had no idea what she was in for.  She was completely shocked when Sam revealed that she wasn't actually there to shoot a PSA and that this new $10,000 wardrobe was for HER!  She was even getting a job interview right after our reveal with a catering company so that she could follow her passion and have a job she loves.  She was so kind and overwhelmed by the entire idea that this was all for her.

Skylar, Angela, and Sam

Of course we gave her a basket of FIZZ!

We cannot even begin to tell you how honored we are to have been a part of this, and what a deserving and sweet person Angela is. I certainly needed my tissues that day.  A HUGE thank you goes out to Sam.  Keep doing what you are doing, my friend.  The difference you make in the lives of people you touch is creating a wave of love.  And we all need a little of that.

Check out the Giving Closet HERE and Fashion Affair magazine HERE.

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