Golden Globes 2014

Wow!  I really need to update this blog more often!  I swear I am going to try.  Now, whether or not I can...well, that's another story.

When we got the Golden Globes this year, I think Skylar and I both high-fived and did a happy dance.  This was our second year for the Globes and we were absolutely thrilled.  The Golden Globes are a huge party for the attendees.  The Oscars are absolutely more formal, while these have been said to be the drunken sister of the Academy Awards.  Personally, if you have to get squeezed into Spanx and sit in a room for hours listening to speeches, I would think the party atmosphere would certainly make that easier.  But that's just me.


We had a fabulous interview with Paula Tutman from our local channel 4 television station:

Exciting, right??!?

And we even got to visit our absolute FAVORITE local DJ's, Blaine and Allyson of 96.3 WDVD.  We listen to them every morning and the kids were pretty star-struck.  They still talk about it!

We gifted 100 ChapFix Lip Balms and 100 Close Shave Lotions.  It actually took about 4 weeks to make, package, wrap, and send everything out.

Bottling a batch of Close Shave
98 Bottles...two more to go...

And then we had to make the lip balms.  I didn't figure that was all that exciting, so I skipped taking pictures.  It was on to making a HUGE pile of product, bagging, tagging, and boxing.

Nevermind the crazy lady in the video.  Someone was sleep deprived and crazy-stressed.  In fact, that may be the constant state of said crazy lady...

Anyway, it all paid off in the end, because we got some great pictures with some wonderful guys, and were told that Brett Dalton from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., loved our shaving lotion. He was so pumped when he saw it, he said he has been looking for a good shaving lotion for a long time and is excited to try it.

Such an amazing adventure!!  I will keep you posted on all the new happenings, and I swear I will try to keep up with all this! 

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